Music Monday: November Week 3

This week’s Music Monday is yet again a broad selection. Lou Reed, Mayer Hawthorn, Buggsy and The Internet feature in this edition.

01. Title Fight – Blush

From Title’s Fight’s latest release ‘Spring Songs’ EP, Blush carries the sound on from the album Floral Green in a seamless fashion. Love this song and that the whole EP is recorded on analog equipment makes me love it even more. ” – Chris

02. Lou Reed – Vicious

I’ve been listening to a lot of Lou Reed and Velvet Underground since Reed’s passing a few weeks back. It never gets old. ” – Chris

03. Mayer Hawthorn – Where Does This Door Go

“I really wanted to shake up what I was listening to so I asked around. Well, I asked one guy but he was from California so thought he might have some different vibes. He did, and I like this a lot.” – Thom

04. Robert Glasper Experiment – Black Radio

“I feel like I am in New York when the weather is this cold and the music is this good” – Thom

05. El P & Killer Mike – Run. The Jewels (album)

“Big fan of Killer Mike and El P, dope mix of talent. Can’t wait to see them play in London later this month.” – Grizzle

06. Buggsy – Connect The SPDIF

“A bit of support for my Bristol family this week with the city’s biggest mic man Buggsy. This one features UK Hip Hop royalty with Farma G and Jehst. ” – Luke

07. The Internet – Pupil | The Patience

“This week is the first time I’ve given the LP Feel Good a proper listen and well… It’s proper. I’m really into The Internet and this is just one of the many strong tracks on the album. Highly recommended.” – Luke

08. Logos – Seawolf

“Logos is just one example why the Keysound label is on fire right now. The LP Cold Mission came out today and honestly it’s a must.” – Luke

09. Novelist – Rinse FM Freestyle

“Novelist is the most exciting grime MC to pop up in a LONG time. his style is thoroughly grime it’s unreal.” – Luke


Luke Pinot

Co-founder of music blog Bass Ache and an active part of Bristol's music scene, Luke manages our mixtape series as well as contributing to other areas of The Daily Street.

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