Recap: Nike FuelBand SE UK Media Launch


Nike recently launched the updated FuelBand SE, to get a better picture of what changes have been made to the device and the app we were invited to test it out in full at the UK media launch.

Taking place in a photography studio in the heart of central London, we arrived to find a room filled with anticipating journalists, photographers and a top notch spread of food and coffee. A quick intro from the beautiful Charlie Webster was followed by a more in-depth run-through of the new developments to the FuelBand from Stefan Olander, VP of Digital Sport. It’s always a pleasure to hear Stefan introduce a Nike+ product because his passion for the digital development of the brand and of sport as a whole is inspiring.

Once the talks had finished and we were all experts on the next generation of FuelBand it was time to get kitted out and step outside for the first activity; cycling. Walking out of the front door we were greeted by a row of tandem bicycles, each with a driver who was going to be steering us to our next un-announced destination. Cycling through central London in the early morning is a lot of fun, especially when you don’t even have to think about steering.

At destination number two we found ourselves immersed into a deep red series of archways, each hosting a different activity, wether it was boxing, skipping, playing drums that light up every time you hit them or painting with light. I won’t even attempt to explain how the light painting works exactly, but in essence, you paint with water and the water allows the electricity to flow to the LED’s. It’s pretty crazy. After a few minutes on each activity (trust me that is plenty of time to be boxing or skipping) it was time to head back to the original location to carry on with more leisurely activities.

After another brisk cycle through London we were back at our starting point and stood in-front of a table of cooking utensils. Guided by the folks at East London crepe hot-spot Shutterbug, we found ourselves making the perfect batter before enjoying our hard work in the form of a pear and salted caramel crepe (one of the best things I’ve ever eaten). Fuelled by our little snap we were ushered onto some customised static bicycles that powered smoothie machines – it was time to cycle ourselves a refreshing smoothie. You’d be surprised how hard it is to drink a large smoothie straight after a sprint on a bicycle. Lastly, my favourite exercise of the day; coffee making. Guided by the expert knowledge of Mr. Dunne and Mr. Frankowski of DunneFrankowski fame, we ground our own coffee beans and proceeded to make an exquisite filter coffee using the AeroPress system.

All-in-all it was a truly enjoyable and invigorating experience and the new and improved FuelBand SE is a great improvement to the original, as is the Nike+ Fuel app. Check out our original review of the FuelBand SE for more information on the specifics.

Photography: The Daily Street

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