SSUR Autumn/Winter 2013


New York streetwear favourite SSUR present their autumn/winter collection for 2013, which contains an abundance of the brand’s signature style and aesthetics.

SSUR has kept its output relatively straight forward and simple ever since its inception and this collection is no different. Strong graphics and typography are prevalent with use of a black and white palette that is coherent with the earlier output of the brand. The garments are restricted to tees, sweaters and a cap here with the strong subversive graphics doing all of the work.

Available from End now.

SSUR-Autumn-Winter-2013-05 SSUR-Autumn-Winter-2013-21 SSUR-Autumn-Winter-2013-11 SSUR-Autumn-Winter-2013-10 SSUR-Autumn-Winter-2013-09 SSUR-Autumn-Winter-2013-08 SSUR-Autumn-Winter-2013-06 SSUR-Autumn-Winter-2013-04 SSUR-Autumn-Winter-2013-03 SSUR-Autumn-Winter-2013-14
SSUR-Autumn-Winter-2013-12 SSUR-Autumn-Winter-2013-20 SSUR-Autumn-Winter-2013-18 SSUR-Autumn-Winter-2013-17 SSUR-Autumn-Winter-2013-16 SSUR-Autumn-Winter-2013-15 SSUR-Autumn-Winter-2013-01

Chris Benfield

Chris is a multi-disciplinary designer working across editorial, print, identity and digital for a variety of industries. Previous clients include Nike, PUMA, Dazed & Confused and Boxfresh.

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