Vetra Workwear Suit (Anthracite)

Vetra Workwear Suit Anthracite 01

Typically French clothing manufacturers Vetra continue their construction of well fabricated and low-key workwear suits with this offering of an anthracite workwear set.

For a brand with it’s beginnings just under a century ago, they have not strayed far from the original processes attributed to these inherently Parisian clothing manufacturers, besides fitting the modern day man. Vetra is still so called ‘Family-run’ and when coupled with the fact that the fabrics and assembling takes place in France, it makes this modest workwear brand all that more likeable.

This humble delivery consists of a jacket and trousers in anthracite. Both feature as little additions as possible to the garments and are a fine example of balancing practicality and style as well as remaining affordable. The simplicity and modesty of these two products express the essence of the brand, holding the paramount materials and craftsmanship key with what else is left to follow.

For those that are new to Vetra, now is the time to add it to the list. Get down to Present London and pick some up for yourself.

Vetra Workwear Suit Anthracite 02 Vetra Workwear Suit Anthracite 03

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