Video: NBA celebrates Christmas with “Jingle Hoops”

The NBA get ready for Christmas and their Christmas Day games with this promotional “Jingle Hoops” video.

The video features Rose (Bulls), Durant (Thunder), Curry (Warriors), Harden (Rockets), Nash (Lakers) all shooting hoops into nets with seasonal bells attached to them. Wether this is real or CGI is up to you, but it’s fun none the less.

Full list of Christmas Day games and GMT times below. Christmas Day uniforms are already online at but haven’t yet gone online at … fingers crossed it’s not too long.

17:00 Bulls vs. Nets
19:30 Thunder vs. Knicks
22:00 Heat vs. Lakers
01:00 Rockets vs. Spurs
03:30 Clippers vs. Warriors

Shouts to HUH for the heads up.


Alex Synamatix

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