Video: David Obadia talks about the BWGH x PUMA “Bluefield” R698

Camera: Alexander Ingham Brooke
Edit: Alex Synamatix

On the weekend of the release of the debut BWGH x PUMA collaboration, we found ourselves in Stockholm, sat at a table with BWGH co-founder David Obadia speaking about his inspirations for the BWGH “Bluefield” R698 sneaker.

It’s without a doubt one of the nicest collaborations that PUMA have released in recent years and I’d go as far as saying that it’s one of the best pairs of sneakers that they have released also. Featuring a bouclé Form Stripe as a direct reference to the material and design that made BWGH the well known brand it is today, the shoe also pays homage to one of David’s largest inspirations; Mark Rothko. Inspired by Rothko’s fascination with and exploration of colour, the shoe is directly inspired by his specific work with the colour blue and the differences that can be found in colour and tone.

We like a good story to accompany a shoe. However, not every shoe or collaboration needs to have one I might stress, but when there is one for good reason such as this, and it translates well into the shoe, it feels like all of the pieces of the puzzle have slot together perfectly. David mentioned the longevity to expect from the BWGH and PUMA collaborative partnership when we spoke to him and with no restrictions to what they can do together, be it footwear, apparel or accessories, we’re excited to see more of what’s to come from this partnership in the years ahead beyond this first collection. We’ve already been given a sneak preview of some of the forthcoming sneaker colourways and models and we’re very happy to say the least.

Long live BWGH x PUMA!