indcsn AW13 by Hollie Fernando (part 2)


Indcsn continue their work with photographer Hollie Fernando, building on the series of 3 portraits from late last year with a new lookbook showcasing product from the brand’s Winter collection.

Once again a single female model has been used throughout the shoot, which focuses mainly on the brand’s T-shirts along with some headwear, fleece and their Costanza flannel shirts. Eagle eyes will spot that it also provides the first opportunity to get a glimpse at product from indcsn’s next Winter drop which has yet to release. I particularly liked the images where Hollie has pulled inspiration from the graphics to set the shot, like those that utilise the bulldog and the banana. These elements add an extra dimension to the shots and inject a bit of humour too.

There are quite a lot of images here, but I’ve included them all because every one of them is great. The use of natural light throughout gives the shoot an unmistakable character that’s a key part of Hollie’s work – these are some of my favourite images that I’ve seen her produce.

I get a little stick for regularly featuring indcsn stories and banging on about how much I love the brand, but I really do. If someone was to design a label strictly to my tastes, influences and interests they’d come pretty close to what you see in this collection. Take a look at the full shoot below and watch out for more Winter product from indcsn landing later this week. You can also find more of Hollie’s work at her website.

Indcsn-Hollie-Fernando-prt-2-2 Indcsn-Hollie-Fernando-prt-2-3 Indcsn-Hollie-Fernando-prt-2-4 Indcsn-Hollie-Fernando-prt-2-5 Indcsn-Hollie-Fernando-prt-2-6 Indcsn-Hollie-Fernando-prt-2-7 Indcsn-Hollie-Fernando-prt-2-8 Indcsn-Hollie-Fernando-prt-2-9 Indcsn-Hollie-Fernando-prt-2-10 Indcsn-Hollie-Fernando-prt-2-11 Indcsn-Hollie-Fernando-prt-2-12 Indcsn-Hollie-Fernando-prt-2-13 Indcsn-Hollie-Fernando-prt-2-14 Indcsn-Hollie-Fernando-prt-2-15 Indcsn-Hollie-Fernando-prt-2-16 Indcsn-Hollie-Fernando-prt-2-17 Indcsn-Hollie-Fernando-prt-2-18 Indcsn-Hollie-Fernando-prt-2-19 Indcsn-Hollie-Fernando-prt-2-20 Indcsn-Hollie-Fernando-prt-2-21 Indcsn-Hollie-Fernando-prt-2-22 Indcsn-Hollie-Fernando-prt-2-23 Indcsn-Hollie-Fernando-prt-2-24

Adam Scotland

One of the three founding members of THE DAILY STREET, Adam is our Editor at TDS. Adam works in the streetwear industry for Out Of Step Ltd., specialising in both USA and UK brands. He also contributes to The Hundreds website.

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  • Hunter

    Really good to see quality pictures being used for a brand I really like. Love the 35mm film medium, it puts such a nice texture on all of the photos.

  • DOC

    Very Good!

  • mlr

    the pictures are nice but wtf do they want to say us with that? what a bad pr/marketing move.

  • TnyD

    @mlr you are nuts! a popular mens brands showcasing that it can be worn by women as welll…probably the best marketing move in the book! Either way this is a solid lookbook. The brand is doing the UK proud.