adidas EQT Running Support – OG vs. Re-Issue

adidas EQT Running Support 93 OG vs re-issue 2014 001

One thing adidas are well known for is the execution of their re-issues. We compare how their recently released EQT Running Support compares to an original pair from 1993.

It’s not often you actually get to hold up a pair of re-issues to their original version, but fortunately for adidas and the UK we have Gary Aspden and his exceptional collection to hand. Here we get the privilege of seeing both the 2014 re-issue and 1993 original literally sole-to-sole for comparison. Although not identical, the replication in regards to materials is almost perfect, which is impressive considering the 20 year gap in production. I enjoy comparing shoes like this; it’s a very niche version of spot the difference.

There are definitely a few differences that could have been avoided, such as the white stitching on the bottom of the three stripes or the grey paint placement on the midsole. Some differences are a lot harder to avoid, mainly due to the changes in manufacturing, factories and losing the original lasts etc. and with this in mind these are very very close to the originals.

If you haven’t managed to get a pair yet, there are still some sizes available in select places such as Offspring and oki-ni.

adidas EQT Running Support 93 OG vs re-issue 2014 002 adidas EQT Running Support 93 OG vs re-issue 2014 003 adidas EQT Running Support 93 OG vs re-issue 2014 004 adidas EQT Running Support 93 OG vs re-issue 2014 005

Alex Synamatix

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  • rob

    Nike need to take note on how to execute a realistic re-issue. Shape looks spot on, and very little differences to colour/panelling. Nice work.

  • Thebreaks23

    Nice article, I’m glad to see Adidas taking it to the everyone else and showing what they are capable of when it comes to Re-issue’s. This is the best retro to come out for the last decade in my opinion.
    Well done Adidas and keep up the amazing quality. This shoe represents a time when Adidas answered to no one. Long live the Tech runners.