Inside the Billionaire Boys Club & ICECREAM Satellite Store


A few days ago we spoke about the announcement of the Billionaire Boys Club and ICECREAM Satellite Store that was to open in an unknown location in London. Today the store opened in the site of the recently closed BAPE store and we got to take a look inside.

Though the overall style of the store hasn’t changed much from what was there previously, the Satellite store is divided into two contrasting halves, the left side housing ICECREAM product in a clean red, white and grey decor while the opposing side has an intergalactic-vibe going on with moon surface flooring surrounding the BBC items.

Inside you will find product from Billionaire Boys Club, ICECREAM, I AM OTHER, Billionaire Girls Club, BBC Vault and Billionaire Boys Club BLACK along with the London exclusive T-shirts you see below. A full range of product is also available from the BBC ICECREAM website.

For more information keep your eyes on the BBC ICECREAM twitter and instagram accounts, as well as their vimeo page, and check out some images of the store below.

Billionaire Boys Club & ICECREAM Satellite Store
4 Upper James Street

Inside-BBC-ICECREAM-London-Satellite-Store-2 Inside-BBC-ICECREAM-London-Satellite-Store-3 Inside-BBC-ICECREAM-London-Satellite-Store-4 Inside-BBC-ICECREAM-London-Satellite-Store-5 Inside-BBC-ICECREAM-London-Satellite-Store-6 Inside-BBC-ICECREAM-London-Satellite-Store-7 Inside-BBC-ICECREAM-London-Satellite-Store-8 Inside-BBC-ICECREAM-London-Satellite-Store-9 Inside-BBC-ICECREAM-London-Satellite-Store-10 Inside-BBC-ICECREAM-London-Satellite-Store-11

Adam Scotland

One of the three founding members of THE DAILY STREET, Adam is our Editor at TDS. Adam works in the streetwear industry for Out Of Step Ltd., specialising in both USA and UK brands. He also contributes to The Hundreds website.

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  • DBoy

    Its kind of disappointing that a brand like this would do such a lazy job of opening a shop in London, I know BAPE and BBC etc are linked but it feels like a knee jerk reaction with no planning. Even if its a pop up shop, with these places and brands, you buy into the experience of shopping there. This experience will feel like the last. Looks like they just blu-tac’d new branding up.

  • Mr Peony

    I agree I think it’s down to poor representation of the brand here in eu.

  • John

    The neon logos are super cool, inside of the shop is lacking a little

  • John

    I’m an old Skool vetron who at some stage was the bbc general lol I still dig this brand till now and love the designs and still buying into it now after it 1st launched… mr John flamboyant who went nuts on the brand… big up Craig shame about bape and end of an era but bbc is still going strong

  • John Kent

    By far being old Skool with bape and bbc icecream SEASON 13 was an amazing credit to the brand to bring the flamboyant ness back to it……..