FOCUS on Hybrid Sneakers by oki-ni


oki-ni turn their FOCUS to the world of sneakers, but specifically the more recent and obscure world of hybrid fashion sneakers in this incredible pice of photographic editorial.

The world of hybrid sneakers is a relatively new one. High fashion has shown interest in sports footwear for decades, but recently it seems to have created it’s own little niche market that seel crazy items of footwear at a very high price point. The more visually approachable ones include the likes of Jeremy Scott’s line for adidas Originals, Kanye West’s lines for Nike and Louis Vuitton or the in-house line at Lanvin, but there are more futuristic designers pushing the envelope a lot harder. Take a look at what Rick Owens is doing with adidas, as well as Raf Simons and you start to see a whole different world of sneaker fans and designs.

Wether you like this market or not, you have to take your hat off to oki-ni for this piece of editorial. It’s stunning. Photographer Sam Hofman and Set Designer Andrew Stellitano have worked perfectly together to represent the mood and feel surrounding this niche product base.

Head over to oki-ni to see the shoot in full and find out more about the product.

FOCUS-hybrid-sneakers-1 FOCUS-hybrid-sneakers-2 FOCUS-hybrid-sneakers-3 FOCUS-hybrid-sneakers-4 FOCUS-hybrid-sneakers-5

Alex Synamatix

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