Livin’ Proof presents ‘Nas Illmatic 20 Mix’ by Snips & Khalil

Snips & Khalil from Livin’ Proof have put together one hell of a mix as a tribute to the 20th anniversary of Nas’ Illmatic album.

As expected with any of the Livin’ Proof crew, the mixes are seamless and the tracklist is steeped in knowledge. This is the kind of mix that any Nas fans or general sample digging fans will go mad for. It’s steeped in well researched knowledge of Nas’ back catalogue and where he pulled some of his most notable samples from. This is a back to back affair, with each DJ taking it in turns to handle a quarter of the mixtape at a time.

“Today marks 20 years since the original release of Nas’ seminal debut, Illmatic, so of course we had to put together a lil’ tribute of our own. Snips and Khalil go back and forth dropping some classic breaks, remixes as well as newer cuts from the New York don. Peep Budgie’s refixes too! Enjoy…”

Just checkout the tracklist below to get the mouth watering!

01. Who’s World Is This? (with break)
02. If I Ruled The World (with K Blow Mix)
03. Sweet Dreams (with break)
04. Got Yourself A Gun
05. Apache Break
06. Made You Look (into remix)
07. Human Nature (MJ break intro)
08. Ain’t Hard To Tell (into remix)
09. Rewind
10. Halftime
11. Represent
12. Vebal Intercourse – Raekwon ft. Nas & Ghostface
13. One Love (Budgie’s Smokin’ In The Valley Remix)
14. One Love
15. Get Down / The Boss – Nas / James Brown
16. Affirmative Action (remix edited version) – Nas ft Foxy Brown
17. Live At The BBQ – Main Source ft. Nas
18. Nah Mean – Nas & Damian Marley
19. The Don (with Reggae mix)
20. Street Dreams (with break)
21. 2nd Childhood (with break)
22. Daughters
23. Ether (over Jay Z instrumentals)
24. Doors into Black Sabbath
25. Into Thief’s Theme
26. Cherry Wine (Amy Winehouse)
27. Cant Forget About You
28. Memory Lane
29. Nas is Like
30. Let Nas Down (Remix ft. Nas) – J Cole
31. One Plus One – Large Professor ft. Nas
32. Purple
33. Affirmative Action
34. N.Y State of Mind
35. No Ideas Original (Budgie’s Take ‘Em To Church Remix)


Alex Synamatix

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