TDS Mix 036: Sly-One


Hailing From Bristol, we’ve invited trio Sly-One to contribute to 036 in our mixtape series.

Living in Bristol it’s hard to not not hear of Sly-One and over the past year or so their presence has really taking it up a notch, touring and becoming regular names on the festival circuit and it’s understandable recognition. Their sets stretch beyond two cdjs and a mixer with more of a live set and their signature cowbell.

Release activity last year occurred with Come To Mine releasing on Shifting Peaks and my percy Warm Red releasing on Addison Groove’s imprint Lost in translation. Moving into 2014 Sly-One have already released All Mine on 877 records and it’s safe to say the rest of the year will be a decent one for the Bristol trio.

Lacing our ears with swung techno and big room house, this mix sees Sly-One really laying out the type of energy they bring to the dancefloor with cuts from themselves as wel as the likes of Pinch, Mumdance, Woz, and Zed Bias to name but a few. Play the mixtape below.


01. Hayfever – Ground Collapse (Miickey Pearce Remix)
02. Klose One – Triggas Tale
03. Arka – Underground
04. Magnetite – Hex (Decka Sound Remix)
05. Pinch & Mumdance – Turbo Mitzi
06. Sly-One – Cowbell Tool
07. Caski – Elephant Tribe
08. Bromley – Power Trip VIP
09. Cloaka – Adapt
10. TWWTH – Naomi XX
11. Majora – ???
12. Woz – Pour Me 1
13. Paleman – The Day
14. ??? – ???
15. Sly-One – All Mine (Bromley Remix)
16. Piri Piri – Peak
17. Dusky – 9T8
18. Dass & Freddie Norwood- 1050
19. Zed Bias – Tug
20. French Fries- Machine
21. Tessela – Nancy’s Pantry
22. Afrika Bambaataa – Planet Rock

TDS Mix 036: Sly-One by The Daily Street on Mixcloud

Luke Pinot

Co-founder of music blog Bass Ache and an active part of Bristol's music scene, Luke manages our mixtape series as well as contributing to other areas of The Daily Street.

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