Video: Wilson introduces Smart Basketball

As technology continues to penetrate the world of sports, Wilson introduce their latest innovation; the Smart Basketball.

For anyone who plays ball, this will be very exciting. Basketball is a sport that has embraced technological advancements, but mainly through footwear with technical materials and more recently tracking technology such as Nike+’s Hyperdunk shoe and app. This Winter, Wilson will release the Smart Basketball, which houses the tracking itself and connects to your smartphone. Tracking data such as which part of the court you shoot best from, how long you take to shoot, and how many of your shots make it into the net, this ball is a huge step forward for basketball practice.

We’re pretty excited to get our hands on one of these, even if it’s just to bounce activate it (which is so cool).

Do you think that technology like this is the future of basketball and training? Let us know in the comments below.


Alex Synamatix

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  • Christopher David Adams Jr

    Looks like a gimmick, but holla if you need help testing one.