TDS Mix 038: Parris


TDS Mix 038 is bought to us by London based DJ and producer Parris.

Fast rising on the electronic underground circuit right now is Parris. Finding affiliation with Keysound’s brewing new breed of artists and running things at his own imprint Soundman Chronicles, Parris is currently emerging amongst a very healthy scene. Of late, activity has seen the artist pair up with fellow Keysound renegade Wen on the impeccable release that was “Caught/Collide”.

Parris is the living example of vinyl culture being sustained in a digital age, largely playing out with dubs and vinyl almost exclusively, while also working the shelves of BM Soho. The mix he has blessed us with engulfs this enthusiasm and can be heard in the crackle laced beats. From the sounds of Techno to the more classic immersed Dubstep, flirting in between tempos, Parris conjures a perfect marriage of soundscapes and bass weight throughout this mix that will leave you overly satisfied with what you have just experienced.

01. Ishan Sound – Clash Of The Titans (Kahn Remix) [Peng Sound]
02. Mumdance and Logos – Border Drone [Dub]
03. Hodge – Amor Fati [Livity Sound]
04. Pearson Sound – Lolita [Hessle Audio]
05. Wen – Finesse [Dub]
06. Beneath – Thai [Dub]
07. Wen and Parris – Blessing [Dub]
08. ??? – ??? [Dub]
09. Beneath – Duty [Tectonic]
10. Wen – Backdraft [Dub]
11. Peverelist – Roll With The Punches (Kowton Dub Mix) [Punch Drunk]
12. Pearson Sound – Power Drumssss [Hessle Audio]

TDS Mix 038: Parris by The Daily Street on Mixcloud

Luke Pinot

Co-founder of music blog Bass Ache and an active part of Bristol's music scene, Luke manages our mixtape series as well as contributing to other areas of The Daily Street.

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