The Jameson Works x GAME – Brad McDonald Cooks Hare

The Jameson Works x GAME is a collaboration between the renowned Irish Whiskey distiller and three celebrated chefs on British game season. Jameson have produced a series of ’how to’ films that go behind the counter, into the kitchen and take a detailed look at how the chefs apply their craft when it comes to the preparation and cooking of game.

The film above follows Mississippi born Brad McDonald, who runs the kitchen of London’s Southern American restaurant The Lockhart. Taking on the task of cooking Hare, Brad shares his knowledge of how to prepare the animal in a traditional fashion with cep mushrooms, a white onion soubise and preserved sour cherries, garnished with wild rocket as a finishing touch.

The other films see chef James Lowe (formerly of Young Turks and the man behind new British restaurant Lyle’s in Shoreditch) cooking dishes of both Grouse and the lesser-seen bird Snipe, covering the techniques involved in making sure each dish is cooked to perfection, and Koya’s Junya Yamasaki working with Venison in his signature Japanese style. Each film covers the stories, preparation, cooking and serving of each dish, with key tips from the chefs.

Highlighting those who have the same passion for their craft that Jameson do for their whiskey, The Jameson Works is a series of projects where they’ll be teaming up with a number of different craftsmen, including a project with band Wild Beasts and animator Mattis Dovier on an illustrated GIF novel which we can expect to see in the coming months.

Check out the film of Brad’s Hare dish above and head to The Jameson Works to view the other films in the series, where you can also apply for a bursary of up to £4000 to help aid you in pursuit of your own craft.

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