BAPE gold Face t-shirt for Selfridges

BAPE exclusive t-shirt for Selfridges 1

BAPE have revisited one of their iconic designs, creating this gold BAPE Face t-shirt exclusively for Selfridges.

Those with a good memory will recognise this t-shirt (or one incredibly similar) from back in 2010. I won’t go as far as calling this a re-issue, because the size of the motif is slightly different, as is the colour of the gold, but it’s pretty damn close. This metallic BAPE tee is a perfect fit for Selfridges and their streetwear consumers, but part of me would have preferred to see the equally iconic Selfridges Yellow put to use here. To be fair, I think this is an exclusive and not a collaboration as such.

You can pick up this exclusive t-shirt in-store at Selfridges for £85 while stocks last.

BAPE exclusive t-shirt for Selfridges 2

Alex Synamatix

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