Introducing: The New Dealers

Introducing The New Dealers 01

Introducing the latest brand to be born from the UK streetwear scene; The New Dealers.

The brainchild of London based creative, Samuel Smith (previously of END. and Footpatrol), The New Dealers aims to inspire those who buy into it to ‘get out’. Being a freelance creative of any shape or form can often feel like a lonely, wandering lifestyle (of course, this also has it’s benefits), and it’s this that Samuel has drawn inspiration from for The New Dealers.

Taking creative direction from the men forced to wander the United States during The Great Depression, the brand pulls visual reference for its Crossbuck logo from American railroad signs of the 1930s. Other references come from poignant social issues such as the controversial Elian Gonzalez Affair. All of the references share a common ground in their ability to inspire or represent Samuel’s frustration with the illogical happening of the past and present.

We asked Samuel why he felt he needed to start The New Dealers and why it’s so personal to him …

“I’ve been pushing 14 hour days in 2 jobs for the past year and it became the norm. It got to a point where I wasn’t really able to satisfy creative ideas I had knocking around my head, which got highly frustrating. Having watched friends and previous employers’ projects grow in front of my own eyes, I felt as though The New Dealers had to happen now, else it wouldn’t at all.

It’s these frustrations [of working long hours for somebody else, with little gain], coupled with an apparent obsession with American hobo culture of the 1930’s [following The Great Depression] which has moulded The New Dealers. It’s a brand that is about ‘getting out’ and making things work by any means, it’s a brand For The Wanderers.”

We could never had explained it better than the man himself.

Show your allegiance as one of ‘The Wanderers’ and get involved with The New Dealers via their website.

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