Penfield x Saucony Originals 60/40 Shadow Original pack


This weekend Boston-based Saucony Originals will release their latest collaborative project which sees them partner with fellow Massachusetts brand Penfield on a series of trail-ready Shadow Originals with the 60/40 Pack.

The pack is named for Penfield’s windproof and water resistant 60/40 cotton-nylon material that is used throughout much of their collection. After raiding Penfield’s extensive fabric archive, the 60/40 fabric was specially selected as one that would compliment the mix of suede and mesh used on Saucony’s footwear as well as a material that would be able to withstand the more intense stitching required in footwear manufacture.

The resulting material combination gives the pack a fully winterised exterior, finished with rope laces and a D-ring lace loop to further accentuate the outdoors feel. The Shadow Original silhouette will be offered in 3 colours (Wheat, Khaki and Navy) with contrasting coloured branding and the Penfield woven label replacing the usual Saucony logo on the tongue.

All 3 pairs will release this Saturday November 29th at select stockists across the UK – including Attitude – and online from December 2nd. They will be priced at £95 and available in UK sizes 4-12.

Saucony-Originals-x-Penfield-60-40-Pack-6 Saucony-Originals-x-Penfield-60-40-Pack-7 Saucony-Originals-x-Penfield-60-40-Pack-10 Saucony-Originals-x-Penfield-60-40-Pack-11 Saucony-Originals-x-Penfield-60-40-Pack-12 Saucony-Originals-x-Penfield-60-40-Pack-2 Saucony-Originals-x-Penfield-60-40-Pack-8 Saucony-Originals-x-Penfield-60-40-Pack-3  Saucony-Originals-x-Penfield-60-40-Pack-9 Saucony-Originals-x-Penfield-60-40-Pack-4

Adam Scotland

One of the three founding members of THE DAILY STREET, Adam is our Editor at TDS. Adam works in the streetwear industry for Out Of Step Ltd., specialising in both USA and UK brands. He also contributes to The Hundreds website.

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  • PriamofWilusa

    Sick!!! These are the best Saucony I have seen for a long time, copping the Beige and Olive ones for show!

  • Attitude

    so looking forward to this release!!!