Stüssy x Baracuta collection

Stussy Baracuta 2014 01

In a surprise move, streetwear giants Stüssy have announced a collaboration with iconic menswear brand Baracuta.

Consisting of a bucket hat and G9 Jacket, the collection is concise to say the least, but it’s exciting. It’s always been a love of streetwear brands to team up with menswear and outdoor-wear brands to do their own spin on classic items, and this is one of those collaborations that we didn’t see coming, but it makes complete sense. The G9 jacket is an icon of design, so for Stüssy to get their creative hands on it is a good thing for everyone.

Personally, I can’t work out if I think it’s a good or bad thing that the collaboration as a whole looks more traditional Baracuta than Stüssy. It takes me back to the Stüssy x Fred Perry collaborations a few years back and how clean and mature they looked. However, I can’t help but imagine what a more “streetwear” spin on a G9 would have looked like. Who knows, maybe they’ll do one in the future. I’m hoping this partnership doesn’t stop with this drop alone. The Stüssy pin in the style of the Baracuta logo is a very nice detail.

The Stüssy x Baracuta collection is available from Stüssy Chapter stores and their online store now.

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