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Another year comes to a close as we look back at the 10 most popular posts on The Daily Street in 2014; from sneaker lists to breaking news, interviews to a naked Miranda Kerr.

It’s always a good idea to look back at the year gone by when you reach this time of year and it never fails to show an interesting view point when we look at what posts you guys visited the most. Here’s a list of the 10 most popular posts throughout 2014, rated purely on page impressions. These literally were what you lot looked at the most on The Daily Street this year.

It comes as no surprise that list posts rank highly, due to their ability to stay relevant seemingly forever, but it’s also nice to see a few pieces of breaking news make the list, as that’s content that shines bright but quickly dies as we move forward (the news of The Hideout closing just missed this list, ranking at number 11). Also, it’s good to see some long form content making the list, proving that our generation are still capable of and interested in reading content that’s not broken down into bullet points.

Has this turned out exactly as you expected or are there some surprise entries that you didn’t see coming? Let us know in the comments section below …

10. 10 most underrated Nike Air Max sneakers

As part of our Air Max Day celebrations in March, I put together a list of 10 of the most underrated Nike Air Max sneakers. A homage to some silhouettes that I felt get overshadowed by the better known models, especially with all the attention the Air Max line has been getting lately.

See what made the list here.

09. Miranda Kerr by Mario Testino for British GQ

March saw Miranda Kerr pose naked for Mario Testino, to be published in the May 2014 issue of British GQ. Unsurprisingly, you found this very interesting.

Check out photos from the shoot here.

08. Nike Air Max 1 OG red sneaker cake

Another piece of content from our Air Max Day celebrations, we commissioned cake and sugar sculptor Michelle Wibowo to create a replica pair of Nike Air Max 1 OG Reds in a UK 8 … from cake. We knew she was good, that’s why we commissioned her, but even we were shocked when the final result turned up at our door.

Check out the photos and a “making of” video here.

07. Interview: Paul Rodriguez talks about the P-ROD 8, skate culture and Nike SB’s journey to being accepted

In June I headed over to New York City to have a chat with Paul Rodriguez and Alex Olson. P Rod’s interview made the cut, capturing your attention and ranking pretty high on this list. It doesn’t surprise me considering his open and honest attitude to answering the questions.

Read the interview here.

06. 10 most sought after Nike Air Max 1’s of all time by Crepe City

Yet another piece of content from Air Max Day, we asked our good friends over at Crepe City to compile this list of the 10 most sought after Nike Air Max 1’s of all time … and they didn’t disappoint.

See what made the list here.

05. 10 1990s running sneakers Nike shouldn’t forget

Back in April 2013 I took it upon myself to write our first ever list post … a verbal rant about vintage 1990s Nike running shoes that I felt deserved a re-issuing. Thankfully, some of the models have had exactly that since this list was published. The rest however, still lay in the archives, patiently awaiting their return (fingers crossed).

See what made the list here.

04. Interview: Andy Murray talks Wimbledon, adidas and short shorts

Just before Wimbledon kicked off, I sat down with reigning champion Andy Murray to chat about how you approach something like Wimbledon, what it feels like to defend the title for the first time and when he expects short shorts to make a return.

Read the interview here.

03. Nike Air Huarache ‘Platinum White’

In the era of super-hype sneakers, the Huarache will go down as the hype king with people going nuts over general releases as much as Quick Strikes. These ‘Platinum White’ Huaraches dropped in April, hitting the spot just as the All Black Everything era was shifting over to white, and people went mad for them.

See more images here.

02. 10 best Nike Air Max 1 colourways of all time by Chris Benfield

It will go down as an all-time classic piece of content of The Daily Street, constantly finding itself on our Popular Posts lists. Long-time writer and TDS member Chris Benfield put together this list for Air Max Day, making a bold statement and defining the 10 best Nike Air Max 1 colourways of all time (in his opinion). This man’s knowledge runs deep, especially on the AM1, so it’s no surprise that this list keeps doing well and made it to number 2 this year.

See what made the list here.

01. Phil Knight confirms how Nike is pronounced

Here it is, the most viewed post on The Daily Street in 2014. It took the internet by storm when two creatives called Ben and Ken claimed they had received a reply letter from Phil Knight himself confirming how Nike is pronounced. It turned out to be a sham, but they were right regardless as to how it is pronounced. The posters they created to push the point home were hugely entertaining also. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve received a lot of work after this little stunt.

See it all here, including the supposed letter.

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