Recap: Fluff x Nike SB ‘1826’ book launch at Slam City Skates


In honour of Fluff Magazine x Nike SB’s second hardback photographic journal ‘1826’, Slam City Skates hosted an evening inviting one and all to come down to their East London store to celebrate the book.

For those unaware of the book, it’s a piece of work 5 years in the making with all images shot by Marcel Veldman. Images in the book feature team members from the SB program of Nike who have established themselves as key players in the skateboarding world. The title of the book is also interesting, not referring to a year as you might first think (for some bizarre reason) but the number of days it took to put the book together. It also references the number of pages, which is a nice touch.

With beers and a raffle, plus copies on hand for attendees to flick through, the night looked to be a good one with a great turn out. Slam City shared their images from the night with us shot by Maksim Kalanep.

Head over to the Slam blog for more info and pop into their East London store to check out the book. Check out the Fluff 1826 website here.

IHC1721e-Slamcity-x-Fluff-1826-x-Nike-SB-London-March-2015-Photographer-Maksim-Kalanep IHC1763e-Slamcity-x-Fluff-1826-x-Nike-SB-London-March-2015-Photographer-Maksim-Kalanep IHC1840e-Slamcity-x-Fluff-1826-x-Nike-SB-London-March-2015-Photographer-Maksim-Kalanep IHC1796e-Slamcity-x-Fluff-1826-x-Nike-SB-London-March-2015-Photographer-Maksim-Kalanep IHC1657e-Slamcity-x-Fluff-1826-x-Nike-SB-London-March-2015-Photographer-Maksim-Kalanep Slam710

Jamie Szulc

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