Recap: PUMA IGNITE London launch

PUMA IGNITE London Launch 03

Recently The Daily Street were invited to launch the new PUMA IGNITE running shoe and range by hitting the streets of London. How could I resist?

You might already be thinking “If this is to launch a running shoe, why is there a group of you stood in the dark holding a flair?” and it would be a logical question. To cut a long story short, we won the challenge. What can I say, we had a good team. I was joined by the two lovely ladies from Lunges+Lycra as well as one of our friends from Complex UK. We were half sports bloggers and half streetwear kids, but we still beat all the other full sports enthusiast teams. Anyway, enough about winning and back to the story….

Having arrived at PUMA HQ in Blackfriars we all got changed into our new IGNITE attire and put on the PUMA IGNITE sneakers for the first time. While the excitement for the challenge ahead started to grow, we were given a talk from the PUMA design team about the technical advantages to the IGNITE shoe and why they see it as an important move for the brand. I had the pleasure of chatting to some of the global marketing team about how the brand are looking to refocus themselves on performance in 2015, which is a wise idea in my books, or at least to get back into that race so to speak.

Kitted out and inspired by the presentation, we got into our teams and began the challenge. A taxi dropped us off in the middle of the City where we received our first clue. Riddle solved and we were pounding the pavement in the search for the Barbican – our first goal. Clue #2 was a bit more cryptic, but thankfully it referred to a lesser known side street that I’ve often found myself wondering about when walking through Spitalfields (I notice the strangest things) and within seconds we were on our way to Puma Court. Clue #3 was the final clue and we were feeling unstoppable. A brisk run to Cargo and we awaited to see if we’d won…

The confirmation came in and off we went to ignite London in a more literal sense, setting fire to an emergency flair in the backstreets of East London. It was cool and slightly nerve racking as none of us or the crew seemed to be 100% familiar with what we were about to do. Photos taken, disaster averted (only just) and we were good to head back to HQ.

The IGNITE is a good staple running shoe. In all honesty it doesn’t feel like the most groundbreaking design underfoot, but it is actually PUMA’s most responsive running shoe to date and it’s definitely the kind of shoe you will want to run in as your regular, for long or short distance. At an RRP of £85 PUMA definitely aren’t trying to break your bank with these, and for that I’m grateful as running kicks can be cripplingly expensive. Be warned that it comes up a little big (as do most PUMA sneakers), so I’d advise going down a half size from other brands. Simplest solution is to try them on in-store before purchasing and I would always recommend that.

Now, check out my awesome action shot…

PUMA IGNITE London Launch 02 PUMA IGNITE London Launch 04

Alex Synamatix

One of three co-founders at THE DAILY STREET, Alex is our Editor-in-Chief, overseeing all TDS activity. Outside of TDS, Alex is a respected creative in his own right, from art directing club nights (comm•une) to consulting for some of the largest global brands.

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