Spotlight: HTC One M9

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HTC recently announced the latest version of their popular One series smartphone, the HTC One M9. We checked it out and got to grips with the future of HTC smartphones.

The first thing you notice about the M9 is its dual-tone aluminium shell. It’s a good looking phone, that’s for sure, and it also feels good in the hand – big enough to be taken seriously but also small enough to be taken seriously (who buys those phablets?). Smartphones cost a serious amount of money these days and while there is a growing part of me that fears for my phones safety as it becomes more precious, there is something about a metal case that is reassuring.

As far as technical features go, there are bundles and I’m sure there’s loads going on that I wasn’t even aware of, nevertheless plenty got my attention. The use of a location-aware home screen that works out what you’re most likely to need at your fingertips at the right time makes for an interesting take on personal-tech. The HTC BoomSound™ is a pretty serious feature, using Dolby Audio technology to recreate the 5.1 surround sound effect. We couldn’t resist firing up our latest mixtape on the Mixcloud app to test it out and it proved that it is more than simply a marketing-ready name. And the camera… I was genuinely shocked when I found the HTC One M9 had a 20MP camera and it still looks like a phone. Something those of us a little prone to Instagram addiction will be happy about.

All in all, it’s going to be a strong contender to the iPhone 6, especially for those looking to break the mould and not be in the Apple crowd. HTC users always shout about the technical advantages the One series offers, and with the M9 looking this stylish it might actually swing some votes. I’ll be watching with an intrigued eye to see how it affects the market.

The HTC One M9 hits stores on 31st March. For further info head to the HTC website.

Photography: Alex Synamatix for The Daily Street

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