Jocks&Nerds & Shinola present Craft Pop-up Series no.1: Nigel Ruwende

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Jocks&Nerds and Shinola continue to develop their Community of Craft partnership, launching a series of craft pop-ups at the Shinola London store, starting with Nigel Ruwende.

The concept is simple, Jocks&Nerds are selecting seven up and coming craftsmen to set up shop in the Shinola store over the coming months (not at the same time of course). It’s an opportunity for people to discover new craftsmen and to watch how they work. It’s also a great way for those craftsmen to introduce what they do to new people, and to sell some of their wares.

Starting things off is our good friend Nigel Ruwende and his solo project that sees him hand craft premium work aprons under the Saint & Birchley name. Having started by making them for friends and family, it’s great to see Nigel’s handy work getting recognised on this scale.

Head down to the Shinola store on Newburgh Street in London this weekend (Friday to Sunday) to see Nigel at work, customise your own apron and purchase a one-of-a-kind piece of British craftsmanship. I’d also recommend going down just to meet Nigel because he’s a great person.

Head over to Jocks&Nerds to learn more about Nigel’s work in their interview with him.

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Alex Synamatix

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