Recap: Crepe City sneaker festival


Having premiered the official video for Crepe City yesterday, here’s our photo recap from the event.

I won’t bang on about how the Crepe City guys have stepped up their event once again etc. etc. because I did that in yesterday’s post (read it here). This post, as always, is about the happenings at the event, the moments and the shoes that caught our attention, that forced us to lift up the camera and collect them in our own way. From a deadstock a pair of Nike Air Pegasus that had me excited like a kid in the specific candy store from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (the original with Gene Wilder, not the Tim Burton remake), to the Jason Markk cleaning throne and Crepe City collaboration pack, to the tongue-in-cheek Yeezy Boost display at the Ropes Laces stand, or the girl with the shiny Air Max 1s who managed to miss a spot with her fake tan (bless), it was all there.

I love Crepe City for every part of it; from the “Oh my God, surely not?” moments when people drop silly money on equally silly sneakers, to the absolute bargains of the not-so-hype gems, to what we will start to call the Wooden Spoon Award for the biggest blooper at the event, previously won by a very blatant fake Supreme jumper and this time taken home by the fake tan lady, but also the absolute gems found on the deadstock stands and the releases that you had forgotten about from not too long ago but not too recent either. It’s a true reflection of the culture; the good, the bad and the ugly, and I love it for that. I couldn’t write this piece without mentioning the community aspect, whether it’s me finding myself hanging out behind a stand with Juice Gee before realising people think I work there, or having a similar thing at the Stance Socks stand (I do this a lot) or the geekiest moment of my recent history when myself, Gary Warnett, Kish Kash and Robert Brooks all found ourselves at one particular deadstock stand getting a bit over excited about the display of under-the-radar gold.

Anyway, I promised I wouldn’t bang on, and yet here we are. So without further a do, here are the photos.

See you at the next Crepe City in October.

Recap-Crepe-City-13-April-2015-The-Daily-Street-1 Recap-Crepe-City-13-April-2015-The-Daily-Street-2 Recap-Crepe-City-13-April-2015-The-Daily-Street-3 Recap-Crepe-City-13-April-2015-The-Daily-Street-4 Recap-Crepe-City-13-April-2015-The-Daily-Street-5 Recap-Crepe-City-13-April-2015-The-Daily-Street-6 Recap-Crepe-City-13-April-2015-The-Daily-Street-7 Recap-Crepe-City-13-April-2015-The-Daily-Street-9 Recap-Crepe-City-13-April-2015-The-Daily-Street-10 Recap-Crepe-City-13-April-2015-The-Daily-Street-11 Recap-Crepe-City-13-April-2015-The-Daily-Street-12 Recap-Crepe-City-13-April-2015-The-Daily-Street-13 Recap-Crepe-City-13-April-2015-The-Daily-Street-8 Recap-Crepe-City-13-April-2015-The-Daily-Street-14 Recap-Crepe-City-13-April-2015-The-Daily-Street-15 Recap-Crepe-City-13-April-2015-The-Daily-Street-16 Recap-Crepe-City-13-April-2015-The-Daily-Street-17 Recap-Crepe-City-13-April-2015-The-Daily-Street-18 Recap-Crepe-City-13-April-2015-The-Daily-Street-19 Recap-Crepe-City-13-April-2015-The-Daily-Street-21 Recap-Crepe-City-13-April-2015-The-Daily-Street-20 Recap-Crepe-City-13-April-2015-The-Daily-Street-22 Recap-Crepe-City-13-April-2015-The-Daily-Street-24 Recap-Crepe-City-13-April-2015-The-Daily-Street-23 Recap-Crepe-City-13-April-2015-The-Daily-Street-26 Recap-Crepe-City-13-April-2015-The-Daily-Street-25 Recap-Crepe-City-13-April-2015-The-Daily-Street-28 Recap-Crepe-City-13-April-2015-The-Daily-Street-29 Recap-Crepe-City-13-April-2015-The-Daily-Street-30 Recap-Crepe-City-13-April-2015-The-Daily-Street-27 Recap-Crepe-City-13-April-2015-The-Daily-Street-33 Recap-Crepe-City-13-April-2015-The-Daily-Street-31 Recap-Crepe-City-13-April-2015-The-Daily-Street-32 Recap-Crepe-City-13-April-2015-The-Daily-Street-37 Recap-Crepe-City-13-April-2015-The-Daily-Street-34 Recap-Crepe-City-13-April-2015-The-Daily-Street-35 Recap-Crepe-City-13-April-2015-The-Daily-Street-36 Recap-Crepe-City-13-April-2015-The-Daily-Street-53 Recap-Crepe-City-13-April-2015-The-Daily-Street-38 Recap-Crepe-City-13-April-2015-The-Daily-Street-40 Recap-Crepe-City-13-April-2015-The-Daily-Street-39 Recap-Crepe-City-13-April-2015-The-Daily-Street-46 Recap-Crepe-City-13-April-2015-The-Daily-Street-41 Recap-Crepe-City-13-April-2015-The-Daily-Street-42 Recap-Crepe-City-13-April-2015-The-Daily-Street-43 Recap-Crepe-City-13-April-2015-The-Daily-Street-45 Recap-Crepe-City-13-April-2015-The-Daily-Street-44 Recap-Crepe-City-13-April-2015-The-Daily-Street-47 Recap-Crepe-City-13-April-2015-The-Daily-Street-48 Recap-Crepe-City-13-April-2015-The-Daily-Street-49 Recap-Crepe-City-13-April-2015-The-Daily-Street-51 Recap-Crepe-City-13-April-2015-The-Daily-Street-54 Recap-Crepe-City-13-April-2015-The-Daily-Street-52 Recap-Crepe-City-13-April-2015-The-Daily-Street-56 Recap-Crepe-City-13-April-2015-The-Daily-Street-55 Recap-Crepe-City-13-April-2015-The-Daily-Street-57 Recap-Crepe-City-13-April-2015-The-Daily-Street-58

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  • Jordan Tunnicliff

    Anyone else find it shady that in the fourth picture someone is charging £2 for a Supreme sticker that you can get free from the shop?