An illustrated exploration of the Nike Tech Hyperfuse Windrunner

Nike Tech Hyperfuse Windrunner illustrations by Ryan Gillett for The Daily Street 01

Words: Alex Synamatix
Illustrations: Ryan Gillett

As Nike continue to develop their Tech Pack offering, we take a closer look at one of this seasons’ main new innovations; Tech Hyperfuse.

Nike first debuted Tech Pack in Fall/Holiday 2014, kicking off a new direction for the brand and subsequently a new style for consumers by putting innovation into their key lifestyle pieces. What makes it an interesting development for Nike is that the innovation is inspired by everyday life rather than athletic performance, where Nike usually focus their innovation efforts. It wasn’t long before the slim fitting Tech Pack, with its balance of smart and casual, became a style trend of its own, instantly recognisable by its clean lines, chic material and minimalist colour palettes.

This season, Nike have started to expand the offering in a few different ways. First and most noticeable is the recent inclusion of pattern into the collection, bringing a striking polka dot to the table (more on this later). Secondly is the introduction of Tech Hyperfuse, a breathable and lightweight innovation, and it’s this that we’re focusing on today.

When approaching this piece, we considered doing the usual fashion shoot, but considering the details we wanted to focus on, we thought it would be more entertaining to bring them to life through illustration. For this, we turned to the highly talented Ryan Gillett, asking him to bring to life the key features that we noticed on the jacket, and he did us proud.

Nike Tech Hyperfuse Windrunner illustrations by Ryan Gillett for The Daily Street 02


Outside of the usual remit for a jacket (keeping you dry etc.), the Tech Hyperfuse Windrunner has two main priorities: to be breathable and lightweight.

With any nylon shell jacket, breathability is very important or else you’re walking around in an oven. The engineered water-resistant nylon fabric enhances air circulation while keeping you protected from the elements. This is to be expected from a good jacket, but when teamed with the introduction of flocked circles on the interior, the air circulation is increased beyond normal.

Nike Tech Hyperfuse Windrunner illustrations by Ryan Gillett for The Daily Street 03

Outside of the tech, this zonal flocking also gives the Tech Hyperfuse Windrunner its distinctive polkadot pattern and texture, marrying function and style.

If the heat does crank up, simply open up the side vents via the bonded zips to reveal laser-perforated mesh, adding another level of breathability to the jacket and continuing that dot themed aesthetic that the jacket champions.

Nike Tech Hyperfuse Windrunner illustrations by Ryan Gillett for The Daily Street 04


Keeping things as light as possible, without sacrificing durability, is essential when designing a jacket like this. The use of engineered feather weight rip stop nylon ensures that the Tech Hyperfuse Windrunner can withstand the repeat use you’ll want to give it. Don’t be fooled by the deceptive lack of weight, this is no fragile garment.

Bonded seams add to the durability with a minimal addition to the overall weight. Conveniently, they also add a striking visual to the jacket that emphasises the modern sportswear aesthetic, while also outlining some of the key shapes of the original Windrunner. Kept in bright white, regardless of what colour jacket you choose, the bold taped seams fit perfectly into the current sportswear trend we’re seeing in London, especially on the black colourway.

Nike Tech Hyperfuse Windrunner illustrations by Ryan Gillett for The Daily Street 05

This jacket is light. A part of me wanted to weigh the sample we have and tell you exactly how light, but then logic kicked in and reminded me that the weight would differ depending on size, rendering it a slightly pointless exercise. You’ll just have to take my word for it, or head to NikeTown and experience it for yourself. It seems like the team at Nike have managed to strip everything of weight from the jacket, without removing any features. Even the elastic cuffs and hem appear to have been reduced, not only being slimmer than usual, but also appearing partially see-through thanks to the reduction of materials.

The Nike Tech Hyperfuse Windrunner is available now from Nike for £110 in Game Royal, Black or White.