Nike Womens Air Max 1 Ultra Moire (Black/Black)

Air Max 1 Ultra Moire

The latest addition to the ever growing Air Max 1 range comes in the form of the murdered out, ultra low-profile, ultra lightweight Ultra Moire.

This time around Nike have taken a simple, understated approach to footwear design, and brought with it a host of innovations. Featuring a synthetic suede, laser perforated upper and cored out midsole for breathability and comfort, Nike’s more minimalist mind shines through with this aesthetic.

The Ultra Moire range came at the perfect time, as the preference for lightweight technical runners appears to be reaching its peak. Nike have adapted one of their most iconic and successful silhouettes to keep it well ahead of the curve and positioned it firmly as a go anywhere sneaker, recycling an old innovation in the process.

The Nike Womens Air Max 1 Ultra Moire (Black/Black) is available at Titolo now.

Air Max 1 Ultra Moire Air Max 1 Ultra Moire

Ellis Anton

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