Vans presents the Geoff Rowley 66/99 Signature Collection

Vans-presents-the-Geoff Rowley-Signature-Collection-03An influential figure in the UK and worldwide skate scenes, Geoff Rowley is no-doubt a recognisable name for even those who don’t skate. Part of Vans since 1999, Rowley has built a reputation for big technical tricks and an intense skating style. If you want to get familiar with Geoff Rowley, then our recent interview would be a good place to start.

Reflecting on Rowley’s energetic lifestyle, Vans present the Geoff Rowley 66/99 signature collection. Providing the quality, durability and style that modern skaters demand, the collection’s 66/99 tagline is an appropriate one. The products blend various elements of Vans’ back catalogue with Rowley’s ideas and needs. Designed by Rowley, innovation can be found throughout each product with DURACAP on the footwear and STURDY STRETCH on the chino pants, for extra flexibility.

As many will notice, the footwear harnesses the aesthetics of the original Vans Era and Old Skool, which get transformed through Vans’ DURACAP reinforcement and canvas and suede uppers. The outsole also features Vans’ ULTRACRUSH high-impact polyurethane cushioning. The apparel carries on those innovative themes with each piece carefully designed with skateboarding in mind.

Look for the full collection releasing in Vans stores worldwide on 1 July 2015. Some skate spots such as Liverpool’s Lost Art Skate Shop have the footwear in-stock now.

Vans-presents-the-Geoff Rowley-Signature-Collection-05 Vans-presents-the-Geoff Rowley-Signature-Collection-01  Vans-presents-the-Geoff Rowley-Signature-Collection-10 Vans-presents-the-Geoff Rowley-Signature-Collection-09 Vans-presents-the-Geoff Rowley-Signature-Collection-11 Vans-presents-the-Geoff Rowley-Signature-Collection-04 Vans-presents-the-Geoff Rowley-Signature-Collection-02 Vans-presents-the-Geoff Rowley-Signature-Collection-06 Vans-presents-the-Geoff Rowley-Signature-Collection-12 Vans-presents-the-Geoff Rowley-Signature-Collection-08

Chris Benfield

Chris is a multi-disciplinary designer working across editorial, print, identity and digital for a variety of industries. Previous clients include Nike, PUMA, Dazed & Confused and Boxfresh.

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