5 artists you should be following on Instagram


Instagram is a great platform to seek out artwork, especially seeing as over 16 billion photos have been uploaded to the app in the last few years. But there are some hidden gems in the woodwork that display a new generation of digital and online artists that you may not be aware of had it not been for the ever-growing app.

1. @hikristofferson

Krisofferson’s work is for those that have nostalgia of the 90’s and 00’s, in particular the Simpsons. His range of illustrations depict both the beautiful female figure and also sketches of some well known throwback faces. He’s also a fan of the Simpsonism art movement and has such a variety of pieces on his Instagram, there’s bound to be something for everyone.

2. @missannavaldez

California living painter Anna Valdez paints beautiful and ambient drawings combining both warm Morocco-esque colours with nature and home life living. Her ambient images warmed up my Instagram and will make you feel like travelling to more primitive lands. Her use of household items depicted in her pieces are both relatable and an insight into the artists lifestyle.

3. @lauracallaghanillustration

London based illustrator Laura Callaghan has some cool on-trend images on her Instagram that would suit many a fashion loving female. Her hand drawn illustrations use a range of watercolours, indian ink and in her own words ‘very small pens’. Her funky sexy illustrations invigorate the female form and would be a welcome attribution to any Instagram feed. Her prints can also be bought for as cheap as £3o on her online store.

4. @erinmriley (Erin M. Riley)

Riley is an incredibly original contemporary artist with the most modern day tapestries I’ve ever seen. Based in New York, Riley has been exhibiting at solo shows since 2004 and her fan base is ever-growing. Her handmade woven masterpieces give way for a whole new depiction of  ‘the selfie’ featuring a number of modern day taboos and topical culture trends, identifying her as a generation defining artist.

5.  @gangsterdoodles (Gangster Doodles)

G. Doodles is an ever growing in popularity online artist from Canada. Self taught, his magic is illustrated upon 3 x 3 Post-it notes using sharpies and highlighters and uploaded to the world wide web and loved by all. His up to date depictions of our favourite rappers are both comedic and stylish, managing to capture the artists all over character in just one sketch. Check out his tumblr here and even purchase some prints for yourself why don’t you.

Alice Razack

Alice Razack (Al Raz) is a freelance fashion & music writer having written for well known magazines both online and print such as The Metro, Vice Magazine, Don't Panic, Sick Chirpse & Viper Magazine.

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