VIDEO: Stormzy flies to Tokyo to meet Nigo

Stormzy’s star is definitely in the ascendency but he is now the face of Nigo’s collaborative effort with adidas Originals. This video was produced for the collection and shows Stormzy on what sounds like one of his first trips to the far east. Whilst this may seem like simply the next level of adidas affiliation for him, this video is really quite good.

With interviews from both Stormzy and Nigo there is a strong mutual appreciation there. Stormzy calls Nigo “an original don of life” which to be fair is pretty spot on considering all the things that he’s done. On the other hand Nigo says that having seen Stormzy’s videos for the first time that he “felt a return to the origins of hip hop”. This is a huge compliment and also fair enough considering the street settings of Stormzy’s first few videos.

The video is above but the youtube comments like always are a decent read too. The collection is available to shop here.

Seth Footring

Seth is a new member of The Daily Street team who's no longer fresh out of university. When he isn't wondering if he's already peaked he works at a large online retailer and writes mildly interesting blog posts.

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