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T-Shirt Party 094: Emotion

T-Shirt Party continue their mission to create not-so-serious social commentaries on t-shirts with their 94th edition; Emotion. Wether intentional or not, this most recent design...
12 February, 2013
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T-Shirt Party Returns

One of the most interesting UK projects in recent years, T-Shirt Party, has returned from the grave to continue their mission of producing...
6 February, 2012

T-Shirt Party 050: Gold

T-shirt revolutionists T-Shirt Party enter the final lap of their year long T-shirt series with TSP050, the Golden Jubilee edition, marking their 50th...
17 February, 2011

T-Shirt Party 043: Wifey

As we near the end of T-Shirt Party‘s year long campaign, we reach release number 43, simply titled ‘Wifey’ an ode to her...
20 December, 2010