7 July, 2012

TDS Mix 025: Geiom

It's been a little while since we last had Geiom grace our mixtape series back in 2010, so it's with pleasure we welcome him back. 3 Comments
7 June, 2012

TDS Mix 024: Arcade

Originating from Argentina and now residing in London, we asked Squelch & Clap regular Arcade to curate mixtape 024. 1 Comment
3 May, 2012

TDS Mix 023: Irrelevant

Late last year, an album was released on Kokeshi that blew our minds, so today we are happy to welcome it's creator, Irrelevant, to the mixtape series. 5 Comments
5 April, 2012

TDS Mix 022: Jack Dixon

Those well informed will know that Jack Dixon has been bubbling under the radar for the last couple of years. With releases on the likes of TAKE, Formant, ManMakeMusic and Silverback, it's a pleasure to welcome him to our mixtape series. 4 Comments
1 March, 2012

TDS Mix 021: The Organ Grinder

The Organ Grinder first came to our attention after his first release on Catapult Records titled 'New Age People'. With his follow up release having just dropped, we invited him to take the reigns of our mix series, and we're very happy we did. 6 Comments
5 January, 2012

TDS Mix 020: Ifan Dafydd

Back in August last year, a new artist emerged on the scene with a remix of Amy Winehouse, causing quite a stir, attracting a lot of attention and being rumoured to be James Blake. That artist is Ifan Dafydd and he's the latest addition to our mixtape series. 21 Comments
1 December, 2011

TDS Mix 019: Guy Andrews

Guy Andrews is most certainly a rising star in the current UK House & Bass scenes that are going on right now. With his debut 12" just dropping on the trend setting Hemlock, it's clear that Guy is here to stay. 4 Comments
3 November, 2011

TDS Mix 018: Juk Juk

After breaking through with his release on Four Tet's Text Records, we invited Juk Juk to create our latest mixtape. 3 Comments
6 October, 2011

TDS Mix 017: Jamie Grind

Mixtape 017 is brought to us by Jamie Grind, who has forged his own sound in the UK Bass Music scene with his Hip-Hop influenced take on UK Garage. 3 Comments
1 September, 2011

TDS Mix 016: Artifact

As we dig deeper into our mixtape series, we invite one of Bristol's most hotly tipped young producers Artifact to take center stage. Bringing an energetic blend of bass heavy tunes and a strong selection of dubs, he doesn't disappoint! 0 comments