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Boxpark Presents: Bomb The Box

This Thursday evening Boxpark launch Bomb The Box, a new live art exhibition that will run for a several weeks with different graffiti crews from around the world.
31 July, 2013
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Ronzo for VNA wrapping paper

London's favourite street art magazine VNA have teamed up with East London's Ronzo to create this graffiti themed wrapping paper for Christmas.
17 December, 2012
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VNA Presents: Nychos in London (Video)

Australian artist Nychos made a trip to London recently, and the folks at VNA took it upon them self to arrange a few walls (and a shutter) for him to paint while in town.
15 September, 2012
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ATG ‘Eye In The Sky’ Show & Book Launch

London art and graffiti collective ATG will launch a new show tonight at Brick Lane's StolenSpace Gallery titled 'Eye In The Sky', focusing on the group's rooftop work, painting giant eyes and uplifting slogans high above the streets of London.
2 August, 2012

ROA Starts See No Evil 2012

The huge Bristol based street art project See No Evil is about to enter it's second season, with the city's Nelson Street being transformed into a huge outdoor gallery over the next month, with the festival itself taking place August 13th - 19th.
16 July, 2012

VNA Magazine: Ronzo’s Birdz

VNA Magazine present this short video feature with London's Ronzo, following the man in the creation of his 'Birdz' pigeon sculptures and their placement on the streets of London.
1 May, 2012

Weapon of Choice March 2012 Group Show

This Friday, Bristol gallery Weapon of Choice launch their new group show, featuring works by a huge number of local artists, covering graffiti, illustration, and all sorts of other graphic works.
29 March, 2012