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Introducing: Bake Designs

Bake Designs is a fresh new T-shirt label from Bristol, boasting a selection of quality graphic print T-shirts with a lean towards the brighter side of life.
17 March, 2010

Introducing: Villainous Visard

One of the brands we saw on show at Margin last weekend was London based Villainous Visard, a T-shirt brand with a dark image based on comic book villains.
23 February, 2010

Introducing: DroneBoy Laundry

Cardiff based DroneBoy Laundry recently launched their new collection of T-Shirts - some of the best I have seen coming from a small independent brand and definitely worth your attention.
30 January, 2010

Introducing: Uniform Wares

Uniform Wares is a brand new accessories based brand coming out of London, and yesterday Oki-Ni added them to their list of brands.
26 January, 2010

Introducing: Submit & Remix

Here's my hot tip for the new brand to watch in 2010. Submit & Remix is a new artist focused clothing brand by artist Dan Mumford.
1 January, 2010
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Introducing: R6 (SS10 preview)

Introducing R6, a new UK accessories company launching for Spring/Summer 2010. The brand is a collaboration between UK independent menswear company 6876 and UK leather company Regent Belt Company.
16 November, 2009
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Introducing: Ditto


London brand Ditto have built a collection of T-shirts and sweatshirts based around military imagery and animal skulls. They made a big enough impression to …

9 November, 2009

Introducing: Stricken City

It is extremely rare that i hear a four piece band that actually catches my ear and where i think "hang on, this is actually a decent band".
29 October, 2009

Introducing: Chateau Roux

Chateau Roux is a Soho based clothing and accessories brand, catering to both men and women, with a focus on bespoke detail.
19 October, 2009
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Introducing: Skandal

Skandal is one of the top MC's doing it right now in London town and probably the country, sharp wit, tight lyrics and what i can only describe as venomous delivery makes Skandal a top spitter.
18 October, 2009

Introducing: Man Like Me

I am not going assume that you have not heard of 'Man like Me' nor am i going assume that you have, instead i think i will write some words on how i feel about 'Man Like Me'.
14 October, 2009