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FOCUS on Hybrid Sneakers by oki-ni

oki-ni turn their FOCUS to the world of sneakers, but specifically the more recent and obscure world of hybrid fashion sneakers in this incredible pice of photographic editorial.
10 April, 2014

oki-ni STYLED by Tom Stubbs

For the latest instalment of oki-ni's STYLED series, things have been swayed towards the more misguided side of life as Tom Stubbs brings his flare to the series.
10 November, 2011

Oakley for oki-ni (Frogskin & Eyeshade)

oki-ni have been secretly planning with the folks at Oakley of late, and the end result is two incredible pairs of sunglasses using the iconic Frogskin and Eyeshade frames from Oakley.
9 June, 2011