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Suffoca ‘Hitch’ Collection

British brand Suffoca deliver their latest series of collectables under the title Hitch, comprised of a series of new T-shirt designs, custom fleece pieces and a winter warmer in the form of a Suffoca branded beanie.
11 December, 2013

TDS Christmas Comp. (Day 1)

It's been a long journey over the past week or so, revealing the names of the brands and then slowly building up the pile of gifts!
23 December, 2009

TDS Christmas Comp. (Day 4)

Today is the 20th of December and that means 2 things - only 5 days 'til Christmas and only 5 days til the end of The Daily Street Christmas Competition!
20 December, 2009
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TDS Christmas Comp. (Day 7)

We've been counting down the days til Christmas for the whole of this week. It's a new day and therefore time for me to reveal 5 more names on our massive list.
17 December, 2009

TDS Christmas Comp. (Day 8)

The competition has begun and we're counting down the days until Christmas, letting you in on a little more info every day between now and Christmas Eve!
16 December, 2009

Video: Suffoca time-lapse

As a little teaser for his new collection, my man Boyce has uploaded a little time-lapse video of himself at work. It's amazing to see how his crazily intricate designs come together on a piece like this and I think you'll agree - the final product is brilliant.
1 October, 2009