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Shwood Wooden Sunglasses

Eyewear brand Shwood's wooden sunglasses are an easy and intriguing alternative to any Ray-Ban, and really good looking too.
26 March, 2012

Uniform Experiment Spring/Summer 2012

SOPHNET. and Hiroshi Fujiwara's Uniform Experiment deliver their Spring/Summer '12 collection of shirts, outerwear, tees, and accessories, including some truly unique pieces.
19 February, 2012

Sunpocket Original – Sunpocket II

Sunpocket is a sunglasses brand that has been popping up frequently of late, both on and in many of our favourite retailers. The Sunpocket II is Sunpocket's very affordable answer to a certain high-end eyewear brand who's name many of you I am sure will know.
13 July, 2011

Oakley for oki-ni (Frogskin & Eyeshade)

oki-ni have been secretly planning with the folks at Oakley of late, and the end result is two incredible pairs of sunglasses using the iconic Frogskin and Eyeshade frames from Oakley.
9 June, 2011

Oakley Frogskin ‘Acid’ Collection

Oakley have you covered for Summer, with the new 'Acid' Collection of their infamous Frogskin model, available in a range of semi-transparent colours especially for the Season.
12 April, 2011

Vintage Carrera 5364 & 5475’s at Goodhood

At this time of year we need to be positive and think forward to when the sun will be beaming down again, and what better way to do that then copping some ill vintage sunglasses in preparation? These vintage Carrera's have just dropped at Goodhood.
30 December, 2010

SUPER x Highsnobiety II

SUPER have once again teamed up with Highsnobiety to bring a sophisticated pair of sunglasses, this time in celebration of Highsnob's 5th birthday!
27 August, 2010
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SUPER AW10 Eyewear

SUPER return with another strong selection of frames to protect your eyes from the vicious British sunshine. Here's a selection from the collection ...
11 August, 2010
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SUPER Randagio

The peeps over at Retro SUPER Future have decided that the gaps in between seasonal drops need to be filled, and to do this they have created the extra-curricular project, starting with the Randagio.
28 July, 2010

WeSC x SUPER Sunglasses

WeSC have once again delved into the world or sunglasses, this time recruiting the help of Italian experts in style; SUPER.
10 July, 2010