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T-Shirt Party 094: Emotion

T-Shirt Party continue their mission to create not-so-serious social commentaries on t-shirts with their 94th edition; Emotion.
12 February, 2013
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BBC Radio 1 Present: Take It On with T-Shirt Party

As part of a series of short films about East London and the people who live and work there, in advance of their upcoming Hackney Weekend festival, BBC Radio 1 present this short interview with Cieron, the man behind T-Shirt Party.
15 May, 2012

T-Shirt Party 053: Back II Life

After a much deserved break, London's T-Shirt Party are back with the 53rd installment of their series, and the first of their unmistakable designs that will be dropping every week from now.
8 March, 2012
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T-Shirt Party Returns

One of the most interesting UK projects in recent years, T-Shirt Party, has returned from the grave to continue their mission of producing a different T-shirt design each week, each with a vivid message behind it.
6 February, 2012

T-Shirt Party 052: Back Catalogue

T-shirt party sign out with their 52nd and final release of the year, signing their epitaph by flipping the whole series on it's head, with a single black T-shirt chronicling everything that has come before.
3 March, 2011

T-Shirt Party 050: Gold

T-shirt revolutionists T-shirt Party enter the final lap of their year long T-shirt series with TSP050, the Golden Jubilee edition, marking their 50th release.
17 February, 2011

T-Shirt Party 043: Wifey

As we near the end of T-shirt Party's year long campaign, we reach release number 43, simply titled 'Wifey' an ode to her royal highness, Queen Elizabeth II.
20 December, 2010