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140 Today: The Levi’s 501

Today, Levi's celebrate the 140 anniversary of the iconic 501 jean. Take a look at a short video about the rich history of the 501 and some shots from the Levi's Vintage Archive while it was in town with Levi's Company Historian Lynn Downey.
20 May, 2013

Original 1987 NIKE-AIR Advert

Recently we acquired a piece of archive Nike Air advertising from the States, originally printed in 1987, and we thought we'd scan it in for all to see.
12 February, 2013

1990’s vintage snapback caps

The finest in sourcing high quality vintage dead stock goods Zone7Styling yet again strikes some headwear gold. A small collection of 1990's dead stock snap back caps.
25 March, 2011

Vintage Carrera 5364 & 5475’s at Goodhood

At this time of year we need to be positive and think forward to when the sun will be beaming down again, and what better way to do that then copping some ill vintage sunglasses in preparation? These vintage Carrera's have just dropped at Goodhood.
30 December, 2010

Dutty Girl Launch The Goldmine

Bristol's finest girl crew Dutty Girl will launch their newest venture next week, a pop-up vintage clothing superstore in Bristol's Stokes Croft area.
29 July, 2010

Donuts Deadstock Snapbacks

As of yesterday Bristol street wear boutique Donuts have a new online space to call home, in the form of the new online store, blog and gallery.
19 June, 2010

Dead-stock Snap Backs (Re’stock)

Snap backs are on the rise, i have said this before and i will say it again, snap back caps are killing right now.The Donuts store (Bristol) has just received a fresh batch of caps and i must say they are extremely fresh.
26 February, 2010
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Dead-stock snap Backs

The snap back cap is slowly making a strong come back, there is something about snap backs that i cant put my finger on. I am not sure whether its the smaller peak (compared to a New Era) or what but this kind of cap is dope, standard.
23 January, 2010

Crepe City Sneaker Festival

Sorry to disappoint those who thought that I had genuinely found a city made out of thin French pancakes, but I am afraid that does not exist. What does exist is the Crepe City Sneaker Festival, and it's this Sunday at Notting Hill Arts Club.
27 November, 2009