Band of Outsiders for Sperry Top-Sider Chukka boot


Sperry have teamed up with Scott Sternberg’s increasingly popular Band of Outsiders brand to create a very nice Chukka Boot take on the classic Top-Sider design.

Sperry, creators of the non-slip, non-marking formula in the mid 1930s, have had a come back in the last year or so. Now cropping up in more sneaker stores, rather than just in smart department stores, I think it is safe to say that the sneaker culture has embraced the classic brand. I am yet to get a pair, but I always find myself drawn towards them when I see them. They are simple classic perfection in a boat shoe,unlike the neon styled boat shoe interpretations that you might see on some Shoreditch wanna be.

The Chukka comes in 5 different colours and Sternberg hasn’t held back on material, using Suedes, Leather and Wool. At £165 a pair, they are not the kind of shoe that you purchase on a whim, but they are sick. And my bet it, that they will be a timeless classic, like the original Top-Sider itself.

This shoe is the definition of luxury; high quality materials, attention to detail and classic design.

All 5 colours are available now from Crooked Tongues.

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Alex Synamatix

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