New LONG Clothing tees


LONG Clothing have dropped two new t-shirt designs to celebrate the launch of their new website.

You would expect the new tees to both be in the latest range, if not their very own, but they are in-fact one from each collection. Let me explain … previously the peeps at LONG couldn’t print up the ‘Cube’ tee onto a black tee due to technical restrictions. Don’t ask me why, but they couldn’t. Now that they can, they saw it fit to go back to their first collection and add that final piece – call it closure, if you will.

Along with the new black ‘Cube’ tee comes the ‘Smiles’ tee. This cheeky number has been created to fill the void in the second collection that was left when the limited edition ‘Heart’ tee sold out. It’s good to see a brand sticking to their word and creating a whole new design, rather than finding a way to reprint a supposedly limited print.

Both tees come in the trademark LONG Clothing ‘one size fits all’ long fit and are unisex, making it nice and simple to mail-order. They also come in a nice gift box to top it off.

Grab your LONG tee now from the brand new LONG Clothing online store for £35 a pop.

‘Smiles’ (white):


‘Cube’ (black):


Alex Synamatix

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