Adidas ObyO David Beckham Gazelle Vintage Mid


Adidas Originals by Originals is fast becoming one of the greatest lines that Adidas has ever done. The new collection from David Beckham designed by Undefeated’s James Bond is one of the best yet. This shoe in particular is a great piece of design and sums up the simple design nature of the collection with a focus on quality; the Gazelle Vintage Mid.

The shoe is made from premium suede and leather and sits a moccasin influenced shoe on top of the classic Gazelle sole. Coming in a range of 3 colours, this shoe holds it’s own as a modern classic. Shouts to the ObyO crew … this shoe is nothing but a success.

The kicks are available now from Crooked Tongues at £135 a pair.

adidas-O-by-O-David-Beckham-Gazelle-Vintage-Mid-Leather-02-540x405 adidas-O-by-O-David-Beckham-Gazelle-Vintage-Mid-Leather-03-540x405 adidas-O-by-O-David-Beckham-Gazelle-Vintage-Mid-Leather-05-540x405 adidas-O-by-O-David-Beckham-Gazelle-Vintage-Mid-Leather-10-540x405 adidas-O-by-O-David-Beckham-Gazelle-Vintage-Mid-Leather-11-540x405 adidas-O-by-O-David-Beckham-Gazelle-Vintage-Mid-Leather-12-540x405 adidas-O-by-O-David-Beckham-Gazelle-Vintage-Mid-Leather-06-540x405 adidas-O-by-O-David-Beckham-Gazelle-Vintage-Mid-Leather-07-540x405 adidas-O-by-O-David-Beckham-Gazelle-Vintage-Mid-Leather-09-540x405

Images courtesy of High Snobiety.

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