Billionaire Boys Club Wolfman Jacket

Billionaire Boys Club drop a fresh colour way of the Wolfman jacket fit the winter season, also keeping with a current trend giving a slight nod to the military flex.

Here we have some form of military come biker jacket hybrid embodying all the signs of a leather biker such as the slanted zip, shoulder and elbow patch details yet the colour way and materials used are very military. Zip pockets throughout and large Billionaire Boys Club print on the back in white keeps the BBC space helmet ever present. To me this does not look like the warmest jacket out there for winter, but more of an evening relaxed piece of outerwear for a chilled night out.

Just make sure you really really really want this jacket before you go make the purchase, for £580 you’re going to make sure to are going to wear it day and night to get your moneys worth. Well out of my price range but i am sure there is someone out there flossin’. Available right now from BBCicecream web store.

Jamie Szulc

One of three co-founders of THE DAILY STREET, Jamie specialises in menswear and is currently Footwear Account Manager at Fred Perry.

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    580 quid? Hmmmmm, I just hope to warrant that price tag there is some outstanding quality in the construction of the garment that is not visible in these pictures. BBC garms are one of the most overated and overpriced out there…..
    I know its the higher end of the market, but come on, be reasonable. Why is this jacket nearly six bills?

    As I have said before there are a lot of brands out there that are producing nice looking stuff, but they let themselves down on the quality and construction finish of their garment, whether its a basic tee (which loses shape after one wash) to technical jackets (with dodgy seams and stitching). I will pay for a quality item, but if i do, I don’t expect to be mugged off by some brands that feel just cos they have that status they can still over charge and skimp on the quality.

    Just cos Pharell or Nigo co-signs something, that does not warrant a 200% mark up when it hits the shelves.
    Just like a the BBC caps – £110 for a BBC branded new era? You must be having a laugh!

    This type of thing should be £250 max. Take of the logo and the screen print and it looks like any jacket from river island or something….

    *awaits furious comments from BBC fans*

    dont hate, im just saying what i see…..

  • Oz

    Get the fuck outta here. This looks like something you can get from superdry at 1/6 the cost.