Air Jordan XIII Retro (White/True Red/Black)

Its been a busy year for Jordan Brand on the retro side of things. There’s been plenty of goodness dropping left right and centre, with some still scheduled to drop. One of the AJ models that has been resurrected this year is the XIII. We’ve had the ‘Flints’, ‘Altitude’s and even the ‘Playoff’ make-up is on the horizon.

This release of the White/True Red/Black XIII, is the first ever retro since its release in January 1998 and finishes up the collection of XIII releases we’ve had this year nicely. Its a shoe that most hoop fans, especially Jordan and Bulls fans, associate a strong feeling of nostalgia with. In a season when MJ was arguably at his peak, the guy was going nuts on the hardwood, slashing through any defense at will with pretty much every minute played (except for the famous last shot with XIV’s on) in this model.

The white leather and tumbled leather upper combines superbly with the red durabuck at the base and the black outsole. It’s a colour-up that has all the flavours of those good ol’ days when the Bulls reigned supreme. This retro doesn’t quite capture the vibrant red that was evident on the OG model (respect if you own a pair), but it’s such a pleasure to see this colour-up back it doesn’t matter. That panther paw like outsole, eye like green Jordan hologram and those whisker dimples on the upper are all the icing on the cake and as always, makes me nod in admiration of how amazing the design of this shoe really is.

If you’re after a pair of these classics, they are available from Crooked Tongues now.

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Chris Benfield

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