Levi’s Lefty Jean By Takahiro Kuraishi

Here’s something for all us denim heads to get excited about. Finally, for the the first time, Levi’s new seasonal Lefty Jean is available outside of Japan over at oki-ni.

After the success of previous seasons in Japan, it only makes sense for the high-end collaboration between Levi’s and Takahiro Kuraishi to take pride of place on our shores. Levi’s recent collaborations have been incredibly on point as of late; collaborations between Pendleton, Brooks Brothers and the recent workwear ranges with Billy Reid and Filson have been incredible, so it’s by no suprise the latest range they’re offering is nothing short of quality either. This collection however comes from the Number (N)ine and Soloist founder working with Kazuki Kuraishi of adidas to produce a left hand twill focused denim unlike the traditional Levi’s right had twill denim. That means softer denim, a grain flowing from the top left to bottom right of your material and really high quality heritage manufactured Japanese denim.

The collection includes 3 pairs of jeans, all raw selvedge denim, a 505 slim fit, grey 205 cut and the indigo 205. An uncoventional six pocket design, two of those being coin pockets with one being placed at the rear. Two tone contrast stitching, silver rivets, chain stitched hems and off set rear pockets across the outer seams are all very nice developments from an original classic jean.

These new jeans are available now from oki-ni at £350.

Levi’s Lefty Jean By Takahiro Kuraishi Type 205 Selvedge Straight Denim:

Levi’s Lefty Jean By Takahiro Kuraishi Type 205 Selvedge Slim Denim:

Levi’s Lefty Jean By Takahiro Kuraishi Type 505 Selvedge Slim Denim:

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