Video: Trapstar Hidden Agenda part 3

As a teaser for their new Hidden Agenda Collection, London based Trapstar have produced a series of short video trailers highlighting individual pieces from the new line. The most recent installment sees the brand enlist the help of longtime friend Rich Hil (the son of American fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger and himself, a hip hop artist signed to Swizz Beatz’ Full Surface label) to promote their new crushed leather jacket. The film also features a brief appearance from Angela Simmons, daughter of the infamous Rev Run and founder of her own footwear company, Pastry. It’s clear the brand have friends in high places.

The previous Hidden Agenda trailers have been getting a lot of attention in our comments section, with some suggesting that this is all wasted energy, and others big supporters of the cause. Whilst I’m not the biggest fan of this garment itself, I think that Trapstar are making all the right moves to promote the brand and their releases, and I certainly can’t knock their work ethic – but what do you think, is it worth the hype? Tell us in the comments below.

The Crushed Leather Jacket will be available from the Trapstar London Store shortly.

Video by Lau Stevens.


Adam Scotland

One of the three founding members of THE DAILY STREET, Adam is our Editor at TDS. Adam works in the streetwear industry for Out Of Step Ltd., specialising in both USA and UK brands. He also contributes to The Hundreds website.

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  • man

    Still finding it hard to find concept behind it, i dont know the guy and the clash between the vespa and an american lookin folk singer just seems out of context for Trapstar? a west london street wear label. there wasnt anything appealing and i dont know if this release is for the hat or the moped? I just think theres so much F*%$in potential in such a young brand who’s got the whole of London watching, why play such a gamble on your video lookbooks?

  • sean azeez

    hi i’m guessing this video worth it if you didn’t know rich hill is tommy hillfigher son hence the name hill and this video shows the development uk streetwear brand like trapstar work amongs celebrities to build a reputation for homegrown uk streetwear

  • Mags

    What are they promoting.. A guy smoking on a moped? How does this relate to the leather jacket? Do you have to smoke whilst riding a moped in order to wear this jacket? They had the opportunity to work with the son Tommy Hilfiger, the well respected american fashion designer and THIS! was the best they could do? Im not impressed at all, in fact quite disappointed.
    Don’t get me wrong, I love this brand, but I still unaware of what they stand for..

  • chill out

    you guys need to lighten up! Do a little research on Rich Hil maybe and find out why he doesnt use the same surname as his dad and what he actualy does! which is rap! Fashion videos can be as literal, as obvious or as subtle as they like! They dont even have to mean anything, isant that the great thing about fashion and the rest of the creative industry?
    I dont know how you can love a brand but be unaware of what they stand for? When did things get so damn serious?
    You guys ask some stupid ass questions “Do you have to smoke whilst riding a moped in order to wear this jacket?” Supreme use hot girls in a load of their photos does that mean you have to be a hot girl to wear their clothes?! of course not!

  • Liam

    Did not think you’d be posting another Trapstar video after all the commotion last time haha!

  • Suffocake

    Why not Liam? Commotion is good, we want people to share their opinions. It means they’re paying attention!

  • Mags

    Supreme have an alternative way of adevrtising their products, this video makes no sense. Those quesstions were sarcasm, #FacePalm.


    Here we go again…. lol … after the monumental diatribe the last post like this created, I think maybe ill take an observational standpoint on this one….. see how it pans out…..but agreed Suffocake, the abundance of comments is good, it means people are sitting up, constructing opinions and voicing passions. Big up everyone taking the time to comment!

  • man

    you cant compare supreme to trapstar. Supremes marketing is managed by the same guy that brought you some of the biggest fashion marketing campaigns in the world? And at least with half of supremes campaigns they have a big f*%^ off red supreme logo on the tee’s, the campaign was carried on throughout time and you can guarantee you wouldnt find another campaign like supreme’s. And it works because its basically ‘if you dont know, get to know’ with supreme. Trapstar are in my opinion Londons biggest streetweat label, so i wana see something that identifies them like no other, because we can all fairly say we have seen these videos comin out of each brands ass since everyone got there hands on a 550d. And its all good getting Tommy Hilfigers boy involved, but
    thats not going to make me buy that jacket any more, the relevance just isnt there it seems they had access to a celebrity and thought the job was done after that

  • Geoff

    Gotta agree with MAN on this regarding using Rich Hil…as if the name will do the PR for them. The Supreme thing is kinda a moot point, as its comparing apples and oranges.

    But Trapstar need to forge an identity of their own if they’re gonna do this sort of video thing from now on…black and white isn’t an identity, its passe and pretty dull. The onyl reason I have a go is I think Trapstar have some sick clothing and are doing big things and this just doesn’t ‘feel’ right or do them any sort of justice.

  • Liam


    Of course, it was good to see everyone getting involved!
    It seemed to start off as opinions and by the end, dribbled off into a load of people taking random shots at people they don’t know. Welcome to the internet, I guess.

  • Solomon MOLOTOV

    2 cents…. Well I think the video was fairly weak in concept and delivery but you knew that if you saw it. I expect a lot from trapstar considering they have such a strong visual identity so I am suprised with the amount of talented london based Directors that they couldnt find someone to make a stronger video. Trapstar will get it right though because at the core of it they sit comfortably at the head of underground streetwear brands due to the massive collective of creative talent they house under one brand. The Video Concept are of the crew needs to check out “creative control” they school anyone how to pull off a low budget but effective video.

  • Confused

    Seems a bit more like some stalky footage rather than a promo. The run girl clearly doesn’t know she’s being filmed/want to be.