Introducing: Secret Store

Founded almost exactly a year ago, Secret Store is an independent UK T-shirt brand that focuses on the connection between the artists commissioned to create each T-shirt design, and the people wearing it. Despite it being a year since the concept was born, the brand just now present their first collection.

Adam and Chris came together to create the Secret Store as a means of improving the way artists work with clothing brands, sticking up for the rights and needs of the the illustrators and designers themselves – something that is often forgotten when working with larger, more established brands. As a result, Secret Store became a platform to exhibit each artist’s work, paired with the individuals’ bios and links to their work.

Their debut collection, titled ‘WEMADE100′ (a reference to the 100 strong run of each T-shirt), features the work of Mesh137, Gareth Roberts, Keaton Henson, Isobel Kho, and David Galletly, and is centered around the themes of ‘secret’ and magic. I really like the brand’s ethos, and although these graphics themselves aren’t my cup of tea, I’m looking forward to see where they take it. You can find out more, and purchase each of the tees from Secret Store now.

Adam Scotland

One of the three founding members of THE DAILY STREET, Adam is our Editor at TDS. Adam works in the streetwear industry for Out Of Step Ltd., specialising in both USA and UK brands. He also contributes to The Hundreds website.

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  • http://DTALDN Tan

    So basscially these 2 guys wanted to start a label but couldnt design, so they conjured up this idea of a ‘platform’ for designers in order to live out there dream? And even if that isnt exactly the case i really hate this whole emo faggy stand in a snowy field bullshit! Sorry x


    LOL @ tan……. eloquently put…… Can’t say I would of worded it in the those exact terms myself, but I do agree with what you said still……lol…..”emo faggy stand in a snowy field bullshit!”……

  • man


  • Paul

    Great shirts, great price, great idea… Tan have you ever heard of Business Acumen? It occurs to me that you’re basic problem with secret store is that its a business, not some flowery drawing/lets make some t shirts to express our inner muses/ la la bullshit… its clearly a few guys who wanna give artists a chance to get some seriously great artwork showcased and fair play to them, i just ordered their king tee and im giddy with excitement…

    looking forward to seeing more from secret store in the next few months, not so much to Tan’s continued existence….