Quoddy SS11

Far too often in the world of fashion blogs and product write-ups I see the terms ‘Premium materials’ and ‘High quality’. It almost seems as though every piece of clothing ever to be released is made from the very best materials on offer, so when something which really does offer something special comes around it is often drowned out.

Quoddy have been hand making shoes in Maine since 1909, giving them enough time to hone their skills and amass an archive to draw inspiration from (something being done quite frequently at the moment). This Spring/Summer sees the release of a moccasin, a chukka boot and something less frequently seen, a ring boot. For me the ring boot is taking the heritage woodsman look a bit too far, but thats just me. However, both the moccasin and the chukka boot have me drooling.

All models are made with a suede upper and have a deerskin lining, when going sans-socks a nice soft cushioned lining is always a welcome addition. The moccasin features a pinked edge around the ankle which gives that extra touch of detail and possibly my favourite aspect of the shoe aside from the khaki colouring of the suede. Both the mocc and the chukka boot are set atop a white Amazonas Camp sole whilst the ring boot sticks to the more traditional looking crepe rubber sole. I’ve never been a fan of crepe soles, aesthetically they work but when living in the city I’ve found the amount of stones and grit they pick up and find embedded in them is ridiculous. On a final note, all models are crafted with a one piece wrap around upper which will mould to your foot with time, only adding to the already high levels of comfort.

All models are now available at Goodhood and priced between £184 and £202.

James Clothier

James is a freelance photographer. As well as being a talent behind the lens, James also has a passion for Menswear.

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