Mark McNairy Toe Cap Derby Boot

Mark McNairy and his New Amsterdam line have been very busy as of late, seemingly collaborating with everyone under the sun and adorning the world with fine footwear in a multitude of styles. The New Amsterdam line is basically the love child of both the past and present, taking the best bits of both and merging the two, generally making something better than either independently.

Produced by Sanders and Sanders of Northampton and made using premium waxed leather, in just the right shade of tan, setting the detailing off perfectly. The white lace loops pop without looking garish, whilst the Vibram Christy sole unit stands out without looking out of place. Utilitarian workwear meets what is essentially an extended dress shoe, and let’s be honest, who can argue against that?

Fully lined in leather with the usual Mark McNairy branding on the insole, it’s a sight I’d never get tired of seeing when slipping these on in the morning before heading out. These also feature a leather toe cap – so they’re not going to be as tough as steel, but I’m pretty sure if you’re used to a busy commute you’d be glad to have these protecting your toes from the unforgiving feet of fellow passengers.  It’s only a small point, but I’m particularly glad that Mark McNairy opted for waxed laces, adding a touch of continuity between the texture of the upper and the lace itself, something often overlooked by many shoe designers.

The Toe Cap Derby Boot is available now from End Clothing for £215.

James Clothier

James is a freelance photographer. As well as being a talent behind the lens, James also has a passion for Menswear.

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