Whyme London SS11 Lookbook (Part II)

Back in April we presented the Spring/Summer lookbook from UK brand Whyme London. This week, the brand drop part two of their SS11 line, and with it, a second set of imagery for the season.

In a similar setting to the first addition, the new lookbook includes a new snapback cap, two items of fleece (a zip-hood and a crewneck sweatshirt) and a few tees and tanks, featuring their ‘Egyptian’ and ‘Whyme MMVIII’ designs. The crimson/gold mix on the Egyptian tee, zip-hood, and crewneck (not pictured) are reminiscent of Harvard colours and a personal highlight for me, but the US sports inspired MMVIII snapback and T-shirt combo, whilst not being the most original, stands out as a sign of things to come from the brand.

The brand’s last release caught a lot of heat in the comments, so I’m keen to see what you have to say about part two. The new pieces are available now from Whyme London, and as always, let us know what you think in the comments below.

Adam Scotland

One of the three founding members of THE DAILY STREET, Adam is our Editor at TDS. Adam works in the streetwear industry for Out Of Step Ltd., specialising in both USA and UK brands. He also contributes to The Hundreds website.

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  • Benjamin

    Guys I met the guys down at the London sample sale, they really care about the feedback they are some top lads that are doing something that means alot to them, love the brand. I will eventually purchase the vest and the hoody, No Homo.
    I’m the kid with the kingapparel SnapBack.

  • MARK

    They might care but their designs just don’t scratch it. Everyone thinks they can crack clothing but like many UK/London new boys they just can’t and this is another perfect example that the daily street has put up who just can’t. & Stop with poorly fitted tees, fuck the price just spend into quality cheep arses.

  • Beazy

    Hoody is dope F the haters, if they had it in my size i would cop my suggestion to Mark is if it is so simple and cost isn’t an issue make your own street wear label and become rich from your superior designs and quality garments!

  • Benjamin

    Yes beazy!
    They were one of the only new brands that I have seen bring out a SnapBack straight of the new season, brands suck as KVMN, PXL, Terratag, London brands in the same position don’t match up to whyme? The producing for an audience respect to them, in time they’ll understand what their customers want but you can’t knock them down before they are even up.
    I pay for quality and design.

    Keep it up lads.

  • SB

    They’ve definitely stepped up from early drops in terms of design quality and overall styling so props for that, just finding it hard to see what they’re about. Where’s the link with the tutankhamun / iluminati tee & hood and the american sports based tee & snapback? It’s too confused.


    Benjamin, brands mean a lot to everyone who creates them, thats what drives them to create them in the first place.

    Beazy your a fool, Mark is making constructive criticism which is what this comment section is designed for..
    The brands you described and then comparing Whyme? is like describing Mcdonalds, Subway & KFC…they all are shite in the grand scheme of foods..so comparing is irrelevant.

    Mark I agree the designs look rushed and are not far off typical band merch designs, Id understand having cheap tees in the first collection, but its now their second drop and they havent upped their game, less designs and range and more quality and thought, its not competition who can bring out the most.

    I really dont get the connection to all of these designs, theres no background story or brand image so it doesnt have any grounds for me to go ‘oh that marketing towards this type of person, I get it’
    Look into other brands who are bigger, all collections are built around a theme or an influence which they are inspired by, you can’t just knock out random designs with no correlation, it doesnt work.

  • http://newmoneyclothing.com/ Simon Harris

    I respect any person who is out there trying to create something in this world.
    So many people have become armchair critics without knowing the passion and time brands put in.

    If you don’t have anything constructive to say they say nothing.

  • J

    “The brands you described and then comparing Whyme? is like describing Mcdonalds, Subway & KFC…they all are shite in the grand scheme of foods..so comparing is irrelevant.”

    This is the most sensible quote ever posted on The Daily Street.

  • hunter

    first thing is that I think they’ve made good movements from the first drop, which I really didn’t like any of. I still wouldn’t personally wear any of these pieces, and its because of many of the reasons ‘theboss’ writes back in the first drop comments (May 2, 2011 at 3:26 pm)

    for me this doesnt bring anything new to the table.

    A brand which I’ve bought from after discovering on TDS is Guts & Glory (http://gutsandgloryuk.bigcartel.com/) – scope their hand-rendered, original designs. I got a tee from them and love it

  • http://????? charlie yokio

    Wow people don’t hold back do they, in all fairness everyone is entitled to their own opinion though. If you like it buy it if you don’t leave it simples. Nervous about showing out my new designs in a month now though…